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3D Draw Shadows 2.1.7


     Category: Home & Education / Mathematics

Description of
3D Draw Shadows
3D Draw Shadows is an easy-to-use, parametric CAD tool for everyday 3D modelling. Unlike most of other 3D tools, 3D Draw Shadows displays not only objects themselves, but also the shadows they cast.The parametric CAD features of 3D Draw Shadows allows you to compose scenes, populate them with objects, change object dimensions, location, orientation, colors, and reflectivities. After all these transformations, you can save scenes in (.sa1) files.See our products and services at our WebsiteDr. Baum Research
Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP
3D Draw Shadows
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Author: Dr. Baum Research e.K.
License: Shareware
Price: $59
File Size: 1000.0 KB
Downloads: 27

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